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Something caught my eye as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed the other day, looking for a distraction from the mountain of house work that I needed to do, too caught up in the modern day world to just put the phone down and crack on… I saw a short video titled “5 things you need to know about over thinkers” now, I’ve never put myself in a box that labelled me as one, but the need to do anything other than chores, led me to click on the link.

While I watched, I found myself thinking (no pun intended) how much these 5 little phrases made absolute perfect sense to me. I didn’t question any of them. They all seemed perfectly normal to me. And then I remembered the title of the clip and that it was describing my brain process perfectly. Which made myself ask the question, “was I, an over thinker?”

So before I go through answering that question, here’s Thought catalog’s definition:

“Chronic over-thinking (noun): the inability to do anything without thinking of the repercussions of the aforementioned action; the act of pulling apart and analyzing everything and anything presented before you; how to ruin your life.”

So as not to break character, in true Helen style, I started reading up on this “over thinking” philosophy. And the results were a little eye opening, to say the least.

I found one post, A Normal Person’s Guide To Dealing With An Overthinker and between laughter and tears, I shouted at this guy to get out of my head! This wasn’t the only artical I read on the subject (did I mention before I have a tendency to become a little obsessive sometimes?) but this guy was explaining to, what he called “Normal people”, how our thought process worked….

It was enlightening, just the night before, I’d had a conversation with, let’s call him my on again off again man, where I’d been going over a hypothetical scenario and was trying to get him to give me answers on a subject that had never happened, and probably never would! His reaction, to me was infuriating, he said to me it’s impossible for him to answer as what I was asking was a fictional sequence of events from my own head and I needed to stop obsessing over a “what if” dilemma! He said I was acting crazy! The cheek of it?

At the time, I found my self trying to re word and re explain myself in a way he’d understand… But of course, this was never going to happen!

So to see this post on fb, was an eye opener to say the least. Never had I considered myself as not normal in the way I, let’s just say it, obsess over every little detail… I thought it was normal to read into a situation and decipher every possible outcome, likely or not!

A positive side to being an over thinker, is that when needed, I can remember every single detail! It would explain why my mum has always said I’m good in an argument. It’s because I’d have already gone through the scenario a 1000 times before bringing anything up. I don’t make up facts or details, I will have dissected every conversation leading up to the argument already. So anything thrown at me would obviously be counter acted with a full and detailed response.

It’s practically impossible to win an argument against me, however, that doesn’t mean that because I have an answer for everything, that I can stop a row or always get my own way, it usually just means that I wind the other person up to a point where they storm out!

Finally looking at the way I think and that it isn’t how others see the world, also explains my hate and inability to understand liars. The way I look at the world, lies always get found out… With a little mental investigation, I can pick apart even the most complex of porkie pies!

So, I think it’s pretty obvious that I am, in fact, a self confessed over thinker. I will obsess, I will infuriate people and I will have a need to go over every little detail.

But, for anyone that is able to put up with that, they’ll have an honest, tenacious and faithful friend, who basically has a sixth sense or super power to analyse any situation with meticulous precision. The over thinker will lap up any given opportunity to obsess about situations their friends have and never get bored of hearing about other people’s problems. I say, that makes an over thinker an invaluable person to have in your life. We’re handy to have around…

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