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Start a blog, they say. It’s easy, they say… Well, ladies and gentlemen. Today has proved to me that not only am I #failingatlife but I am also the only one on this planet who is finding this blog malarkey to be confusing as hell!

Now don’t get me wrong. I may have jumped right in before reading every single article about blogging (but let’s be honest, there are a lot) but the few that I did read? Easy peasy is what these “they” folk all over the internet are saying!

Today’s to do list, at 9am, consisted of:

Make tea

Get washed and dressed

Choose a random blog entry from my draft email box


Sit and drink tea while binge watching Netflix the Queen, pausing once in a while to feel a pang if guilt that the hoovering hasn’t been done in 4…. no, sorry, I promised to be honest…. 8 days 🙈

Instead. My day has been:

Make tea

Nose through blog page

Realise Instagram isn’t automatically linked

Read “how to upload IG”

Try to follow instructions


Make more tea

Try again

Connect IG account, to constantly be told it’s a private account and can’t be seen

Re start process

Re start process

Connect IG (I think, apologies if it’s not, but I don’t care anymore)

Next decide to read a bit more about what I need to set up.

Can. Open. Worms, EVERYWHERE.

Boy oh boy.

Now this may be common knowledge to most people (but remember, I epically fail at most things in life, hence the name) but I hadn’t realised how much “behind the scenes” set up goes into getting my ramblings out into the world!

I’m currently trying to figure out a “subscribe” button. This alone, has made me want to give up on life itself, as “simple” is becoming to be a bit of a blanket word used in most help pages, (this much, I have learned) causing me to sanctimoniously scream into my pillow and just hold my hands up that my witty little blog title may actually be kicking me right in the backside just to mock me.

Rant over.

I am determined to get this sorted. I can only bore and terrorise my Facebook friends for so long. For their sake. Wish me luck.

#subscribehell #mumfailingatlife

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